One week.


Social media detox, day I-don’t-even-know.

I don’t even remember the date when I stopped opening my social media accounts. I think it was before the New Year. It’s not really an act of rebellion, more of… meh, I’m fed up with this. I probably racked up more notifications if my phone didn’t die midway, and I’m going to assume that 90% of the Facebook notifications are New Year’s related.

I don’t need to be reminded that this is the new year. I think every body knows that. I’ve gotten to the point of thinking “why do I have to know about your lives when I can’t even figure out mine?” A lot of people are probably pissed off at me already. Whatever. I can’t even figure out how to get pissed off at myself.

There’s something about being away from social media. I realized that I don’t need updates all the time. I don’t need to know about other people’s lives like mine depended on it. I don’t need to be constantly up in other people’s faces. I don’t need to be socially maintained to be relatable in today’s world.

Yuck. Dami kong iniisip, hindi lang ako nagbukas ng social media ng ilang araw. Haha.


Hello 2016?

Happy new year! That is probably the most insincere message I have right now. Meanwhile, fuck you 2015 is probably the most genuine.



Hello 2016. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to start you, but if it’s any indication, it’s starting rough. I’ve been in a funk for almost a week now, because let’s face it, you wake up on a Sunday and suddenly you just feel like shutting down.

And shut down I did.

Ano ba naman kasi to? One day babangon ka na lang tas iisipin mo, puta yoko na, ayoko makipagusap sa tao. Oh, edi tangina, wag ka makipagusap. Madali lang gawin yan. Continue reading “Hello 2016?”